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With just a few clicks, anyone can share his code quickly and easily. MicroPaste offers a short URL creation and password protection for saved code. This will help the developer to distribute his work safe and discrete among another coders. MicroPaste provides syntax highlighting for more than 215 programming languages​​, so that the code can be easily read directly inside the web browser. Everyone can improve the code and save the enhanced version of the code. All changes will be saved and highlighted, so that all another programmer can detect the changes since last release without reviewing the change-log.


Similar to PasteBin you may create Password protected pastes or encrypt your paste to protect it from viewing by another people.


Create a new paste

Here you can create a new paste

To start using MicroPaste you just need to choose the Programming language that you like to post and paste your text or code into the form above. Choose the additional options like expiration date, privacy and short URL creation.

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