MicroPaste is a lightweight pastebin application for saving and sharing of code and text documents online.

MicroPaste supports the syntax of over 215 Programming Languages as well as Password protection and Automatic deletion after a certain period of time.

Quick overview of the benefits offered by MicroPaste:

  • Lightweight and Clear Interface
  • Syntax highlighting for all popular and less popular Programming languages.
  • Live Code editor - everyone can change and improve the code while another user can see which lines of code were removed or added.
  • Create replies to current paste to start a discussion about a code or a text document.
  • API support to display MicroPaste entries on your website or blog without wasting your resources or bandwidth.
  • Paste charts of the most popular entries to date to see what people concern at the moment.
  • Anti Spam and Anti Bot protection - All non-human traffic is blocked to protect your code from being scraped by bad bots.
  • Live Syntax highlighting - facilitate your eyes while typing a source code. Code sections will be highlighted while typing the tags into the code.
  • Password Protection - Protect your intellectual property from unwanted eyes. Set a password for your code and come back any time you like to edit your code again without worries about theft of your work.
  • Automatic Deletion - Set a particular amount of time after which your code will disapear from MicroPaste. Your text document or source code will be purged without a trace.