From Anonymous Collective, 7 Years ago, written in Plain Text.
  1. A collective movement is defined as a cooperative enterprise, a group of individuals working together to advance their common political or social goals. A tactical and strategic means to an end.
  3. Is there a leader? No. Is anyone in charge? No! But a funny thing happens when people allow their true colours to show. Those Anons who have earned trust by practicing what they preach are quickly identified by new comers and a hierarchy is established. It develops naturally when Anons stand out from the rest, as guides and mentors who are humble and honest. It happens when they engage Ops and become de-facto leaders. It is kept up when supporting Anons respect that position and ensure that they are acting accordingly to represent and support that Op leader. These are the Anons who nurture the collective. They are the ones who are responsible for growth and consistency. They are Anonymous, not by definition of the word, but by definition of the movement.
  5. Anonymous is not leaderless so that anyone can don a mask and run around behaving in any sort of manner they wish. It is leaderless because a dictator is not necessary to govern a collective of like-minded individuals who band together for the betterment of our global society.
  7. This 'no rules' mentality is what divides us. It is what defines pseudo-Anons as careless, agitating provocateurs, and one of the most harmful things to Anonymous is a rebel without a cause. While there are no rules, or qualifications of membership, there is a code of ethical conduct that is adopted by those who identify with Anonymous. Ethics that have grassroots in honor, solidarity and respect - respect for those who have come before you. Respect for Ops accomplished without breaching the sacred honor code that has made Anonymous what it is. An Idea, yes, but one that became a reality. A Collective. A Movement. A LEGION! You either get it, or you don't, no matter how much you may want to.
  9. Passion and insurgence are the cornerstone of revolution, but absolute freedom is not justified when it is obtained by way of diminishing another human; another Anon! It is not accomplished with blatant attacks on those whom you claim as your sisters and brothers. It is not afforded by discrediting and publically shaming those with whom you disagree. Slandering and ganging up upon fellow Anons because you do not see eye to eye is bullying. Derogatory, bigoted and sexist remarks are not only cowardly but are disgraceful and are contradictory to the bare bones idea that Anonymous was born of. Equality...Justice...Solidarity.  
  11. After spending years observing, paying attention to and analyzing Anonymous, a few things are apparent: You do not earn respect by concealing your face, sporting your superhero cape and jumping on a bandwagon that you thought would make you edgy; fighting battles you don't understand and demanding recognition that you have not earned. Owning a mask and a sharpie does not make you Anonymous. Checking your ego at the door, surrendering your personal agenda and becoming a part of something much bigger and more powerful than yourself, marching forth hand and hand with integrity is what defines you as Anonymous.
  13. You can reiterate every anonymous quote you've ever heard and share every meme that pops up on your news feed. #you #can #hashtag#the #shit #out #of #your #status and still, YOU ARE NOT ANONYMOUS. If you are feeling at all offended or singled out by this post...if you feel as though im talking to you. Chances are YOU'RE RIGHT. You are a phoney chasing a fad. You are the problem. You are the division and you aren't fooling anyone.