From Guest, 4 Years ago, written in Plain Text.
  1. Ogrish.Com  nice gore pictures, iraqi war beheading
  2. Rotten.Com  good site.
  3. Larry Collins' Gore Gallery  this site kicks ASS!
  4. Celebrity morgue
  5. Typhoid Mary's Asylum  totally cool.
  6. Gallery ofthe grotesque  the oldest, the greatest? -- DEAD SITE..
  7. Cannibal media  clips, pics
  8. Nanjing Massacre Photo Archive  the Japanese as conquerors in 1930s
  9. Cybrary of the Holocaust
  10. Holocaust Pictures Exhibition
  11. African American Holocaust  instant racistic justice
  12. Weirdcrap  Psycho Dave's
  13. the Black plague  sick pix site, needs adult check id, ie. "21013742" might work
  14. the Internet's sickest sites  links
  15. Dark Side of The Web  links to everywhere dark
  16. Dark Lair of Infinite EVIL
  17. News of the Weird Archives
  18. Törkyarkisto
  19. Medical Imaging/University of Rochester Department of Pathology
  20. War against war!
  21. the Crurch of virus
  22. Deathnews  the pictures TV stations won't broadcast - tooCommercialVisaCrap (TM) site for me.
  23. Wall of shame  some nice news - not worthy
  24.  the Internet Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education (Utah)  gross images are cool
  25. Dark fantasy RY
  26. the Cabinet of Dr. Casey  Horror art gallery
  27. Internet crime archives
  28. Fuck the skull of jesus
  29. Ra1skattu.Cjb.Net  sick pictures, even some animal porn, shouldn't the Finnish police do something?
  30. Bonsai Kitten  what the animal rights people have to say about this
  31. ABPG Finest Moments finest