From Saraia, 10 Months ago, written in Plain Text.
  1. name: george edward abraham
  2. age: 49
  3. date of birth: 10-26-1971
  4. ssn:  576-96-6726
  5. ethnicity: hispanic
  6. street: 426 anton dr
  7. location: san antonio, tx
  8. zip code: 78223-3434
  9. landline: (210) 359-6230
  10. cell: (562) 219-1337
  11. reason doxxed: child molestation and production of child pornography. this man raped my little sister and my mom denies it happened because she is not wanting to believe it. he filmed it and she's now on some kind of blue and white website called rindexxx (my sister described this shit to me and she said he showed her herself on the site after he was done) the police and bexar county sheriffs say they can't investigate as they do not have a confession or enough evidence. he has to have evidence on his phone can someone please swat this bastard with a hoax terrorism call so they can seize his phones already and go through them. please. ill do anything for you please just help my sister. i want him in prison so he can get raped like he raped my sister. he has a name tattooed on his left breast in gangster style calligraphy, and a mole on the side of his penis.
  13. my mom:
  14. since she denies it, we can't live together anymore and i'm so tired of her. i live with my cousin jessie now so i'm putting my mom up here too because she is helping him get away with this. my mother is a drug addict slut and she always puts men before us
  15. name: sandra ann esquivel-tarsikes
  16. age: 50
  17. date of birth: 01-14-1970
  18. ssn: even though i hate her, im not gonna ruin her like that
  19. street: 357 teresa
  20. location: san antonio, tx
  21. zip code: 78214-1038
  23. my aunt:
  24. some of my family is taking sides in this and my aunt also doesn't believe that my sister got raped and said she is making it up and needs to apologize
  25. name: victoria m esquivel
  26. date of birth: 04-02-1978
  27. age: 42
  28. street: 234 jennings ave
  29. location: san antonio, tx
  30. zip code: 78225-1624
  32. this creep's family:
  33. my mom knows more about this guy that i do so idek but i did some digging and i think based on where he has been that this is in fact his family. i can't tell if their hawaiians or what, i'm putting them in this too. no one hurts my sister and gets away with it, fuck you all
  35. name: kathryn ayako abraham
  36. street: 543 pikanele st
  37. location: lahaina, hi
  38. zip code: 96761
  40. name: lucille t abraham
  41. street: 143 wahie ln,
  42. location: lahaina, hi
  43. zip code: 96761
  45. name: tihane velez
  46. street: 2015 eureka canyon rd
  47. location: watsonville, ca
  48. zip code: 95076