From Dark Web links [2019] April, 3 Years ago, written in Plain Text.
  3. To browse .onion Deep Web links, install Tor Browser from
  4. ojuoskhztcsqd3cqawhmxh2tjezvdzxql2a32zuvdihcx7hxt3gt2tad.onion - Walt gift cards
  5. ## Search Engines ##
  6. msydqstlzbk3tr5q.onion - Ahmia
  7. btdigg53dwaj2mfj.onion - BTDigg
  8. b7cxf44kos3ivbhx.onion - MetaGer (MetaGer is a metasearch engine focused on protecting users' privacy.)
  10. ## Wikis ##
  11. gxamjbnxguuyfzta.onion - The Uncensored Hidden Wiki (#1 - 22'000 pages - Originally started as a mirror to ion's wiki, but now its own Wiki aimed at collecting and cataloging anything and everything that a regular Wikipedia would censor)
  12. hwikis25cfqtufhj.onion - The Hidden Wiki 3 (#5 darknet site according to 169 pages)
  13. kpvz7ki2wtcwwvo4.onion - The Hidden Wiki 4 (Mirror)
  14. nqigfqrpqiacwmnq.onion - The Hidden Wiki 5 (Hidden Wiki clone. The traffic counter lies. No registration for ages now)
  15. zqktlwi4gac77viw.onion - The Hidden Wiki 9 (wiki, 280'000 pages)
  16. allyourr7osn7pjh.onion/wiki - All You're Wiki (Previous mirror of the Hidden Wiki. Censors content)
  17. projpmcx3b2i27yc.onion - Project PM (Crowd sourced investigation focused on research and analysis of the military industrial spy complex)
  18. twulujgafk2pjkot.onion - Telecomix Blue Cabinet Wiki (Documents companies that assists governments to or generally monitor citizens)
  20. ## Blogs and personal sites ##
  21. opnju4nxz6uylame.onion/weblog - Alpha-7-Bravo Blog (Blog with a lot of political material)
  22. 74ypjqjw3eoe67do.onion - Beneath VT (Information on the steam tunnels at Virginia Tech)
  23. deepdot36wveayiv.onion - DeepDotWeb (The official onion version of the clearnet site)
  24. bwbvcvmnpn55yxfo.onion - Shadow Life (Enjoy your stay below the radar)
  25. opalrwf6mzmfmh64.onion - (Hidden service for)
  26. superkuhbrtutsux.onion - Superkuh (Much information about spectrogram, wireless, and radio)
  27. onnjtpw6tahl37g5.onion - la Tourmentine (la Tourmentine blog)
  28. vb75uj23hguvfava.onion - Hacking is Art (Blog about hacking and technology)
  29. u5uewavb7ktm4xzb.onion - Joseph K. Robles' TOR Page (Personal page of Joseph K. Robles with links that he finds interesting)
  30. 4hltmu5lzm5ivzre.onion - TorNode835 (Another Hidden Weblog. Only one post from 2011)
  31. 54ogum7gxrihggyv.onion/category/news - DimensionX (DimensionX website is directed mainly to the Polish users, however it also has a content in English including a few news)
  32. 57f23hc43ijj42mg.onion - setThemFree (Personal web space of Yury Bulka. About experimental electronic music, various kinds of technology-oriented and/or conceptual art, as well as free software and the free culture movement)
  33. 6zdgh5a5pgpdcz6h.onion - (Darknet mirror of, a personal site for Ben Tasker)
  34. shadow7jnwpjazk2.onion - Shadow Life (Abandoned blog. Last post in 2014)
  35. 264nglqbauovssll.onion - CyberGuerrilla soApboX (Anonymous blog)
  36. 6dvj6v53njnyhfuf.onion - CyberGuerrilla leAkboX (Another Anonymous blog)
  37. potatoozly22ai4c.onion - Go Beyond (Blog with politics and fiction stories)
  39. ## Forums ##
  40. answers6r6p6goqf.onion - Hidden Answers (General-subject Q&A forum)
  41. dnmaveng5rasmbbo.onion - DNM Avengers (Darknet drug forum with reviews, marketplace discussion, and harm reduction techniques)
  42. onionlacdy6tbj3m.onion - OnionLand (Discussion forum about all the Darkweb markets related topics)
  43. b34xhb2mfnhwbgyk.onion - The Stock Insiders (How to Beat Wall Street. The community for exchanging Insider Information about the Publicly Traded Companies)
  44. qzbkwswyvitjtr7h.onion - 0day (0day forums | hacking, carding, security)
  45. vrmfanei37sdfl5k.onion/wisdom - A-alphacrew Forum® (Tor-based Premium underground carding community specializing in the trade of stolen credit card details, identity theft and currency counterfeiting)
  46. ocu3errbpep5jgpb.onion - AnonGTS (The Anonymous GTS Forum (for artists, manga, hentai, etc)
  47. ccqvltajfwq6kiuj.onion/forum - AB CC Quality Vendor (#1 Carding Forum for CCs and Paypal, since 2011 Active 24/7)
  48. pyl7a4cch4ibm5rd.onion/w/index.php/Special:AWCforum - CODE:GREEN Hacktivist Forum (Ethical hacktivism for a better world)
  49. cryptbbhreuyo5kv.onion - CryptBB (Forum and market for exploiting, programming, carding, malware development and more)
  50. kxojy6ydnmzuuptu.onion/forum - FLASHLIGHT (Deepweb community. News, links, reviews, forum and more)
  51. rrcc5uu35ka6vs7k.onion - The Intel Exchange (Know or need to know something? Ask and share at this underground intelligence gathering network)
  52. forumxx22moeg2xu.onion - Forum (Free and Secure Forum | A wide variety of topics including security, privacy, cryptocurrencies, coding, graphical design, dark net markets, harm reduction and more)
  53. kickassuqvdo5gtx.onion - Kick-Ass Forum (Forum and Marketplace | Hacking, Malware, Leaks, Exploits, Carding and more!)
  54. fbcy5ylwo3krgeya.onion - Moneybook (Finance and security forums)
  55. dkzerogsm26ymhri.onion - RetroBBS II (Distributed forums shared in Tor and I2P plus Read/Write FMS boards (Freenet)
  56. thunderxplv3rjvs.onion - Thunder's Place (Thunder's Place Penis Enlargement and Male Sexual Health Forum)
  57. gf2juatn6bphrm2h.onion - Torum (Hacker and I.T Forum)
  58. weasylanez5tkohd.onion - Weasyl (Weasyl is a social gallery website designed for artists, writers, musicians, and more to share their work with other artists and fans)
  59. 2ppcspuyey3ymx4e.onion/forum - Interesting Garbage Collector (Closed forum about hacking and conspiracies)
  61. ## Image Boards ##
  62. leb3rkvqzbzmdhjw.onion - Nintendo chan (imageboard run by Nishikino_Maki)
  63. oxwugzcpicscqtg3.onion - 8chan (textboard/imageboard)
  64. vrimutd5sc6anzwl.onion/index.php/Welcome/to/the/dark/lair - The Dark Lair (The Dark Lair was born as a free message dashboard and shared gallery. Now this place is a real Social Network where Dark Net users can share their posts and engage)
  65. oniicha4y5ozqd44.onion - overchan.oniichan (Overchan)
  66. oniicha4y5ozqd44.onion - overchan.oniichan (Run by chi, available on)
  67. 76xkbxgjtguvnl6w.onion - SAGE BBS (Project SAGE is an avant-garde textboard. Dedicated to technoliberalism, hacking and taoism. Chat included)
  68. shadexbkhk63zdfx.onion - Shade (Shade is an on-going project. Vent/rant, speak your mind, communicate)
  70. ## Social Networks ##
  71. faceboomger3w7ww.onion - Facebook (Offical Facebook onion)
  72. w363zoqrbwn4vuno.onion - Galaxy 2 ()
  73. 3kzlynqujccc34li.onion - Atlayo (anonymous freedom social network)
  74. injz4qvqoon6vw32.onion - Torbook (Social media site (The facebook of TOR)
  75. mstdnelhghmqcrlo.onion - Hidden Mastodon (First mastodon instance in TOR. Requires SMTorP-enabled email address to register)
  78. ## Top Markets ##
  79. lchudifme5m4syzj.onion - Dream Market (Been around since around Nov/Dec 2013 – uses Traditional escrow system)
  80.   forum:  tmskhzgp4wdqadux.onion
  81.   mirror:                   jd6yhuwcgveurym4.onion  t3e6ly3uovv4vwc2.onion  7ep7acrkzntdro3f.onion
  82.     vilpaqbrcwizebwv.onion  igyifrhlreqibsy5.onion  6qlocfg6jklksaca.onion  x3x2dwbkjaskt3tj.onion
  83.     bkjcpa2kxl5mvwws.onion  xytjqcfvbd7qbxor.onion  nhib6cwhqsdyrx4v.onion  k3pd243sm7fm3nmk.onion
  84.     4buzlb3uhtubw2jx.onion  4mtu5pl6yp3elk35.onion  mth3g35rehvhuvyb.onion
  86. joincgmj55upga3h.onion - CGMC (Cannabis Growers & Merchants Co-Op)
  87.   forum:  greenroimwew22v7.onion
  89. libbyyqeqbe7c6wk.onion - Libertas Market (Forum: libbyyqeqbe7c6wk.onion/forum)
  90.   mirror:                   trzcq7g3b4ndgwt3.onion  owh7hgcqtenwdcp2.onion  libbyxhbelf2twep.onion
  91.     stpqmju5tig7jerp.onion  2jqzwpjhfyzywahb.onion  hohd2jwkcdnustqi.onion  72v5sc2sbkh2mpfl.onion
  92.     lku6kphffae7cwth.onion  libertykmu2zsb2z.onion
  94. olymm2r5vxnnggqr.onion - Olympus Market
  95.   forum:   olptalkibbgmlkig.onion
  96.   mirror:                   olymur44fasvzqht.onion  olymororsnxwsrlc.onion  dyejhqeo2e4iiwqr.onion
  97.     rigmfaidxnr6qcw5.onion
  99. zionshopnkn6cpza.onion - Zion Market
  100.   mirror:                   pdfo45lxrc5e6rlu.onion  n2vvxr7aisjbsxfe.onion  sqgln6lsctxwox77.onion
  101.     hoqbimuylsr4acis.onion
  103. pointggx4vgbyllo.onion - Point / Tochka (Rebranded as Point Marketplace_ allows you to buy and sell your stuff instantly. And you don’t have to communicate with other party at all)
  104. wallst3gbr25aonb.onion - Wall Street Market (Offer 2/3 Multisig, direct deposits (no wallets), PGP login, BM-Notification System & Autoshop for Digital Goods (CCs, Accounts and so on) – Available in English & German. Supports Monero)
  105. x7bwsmch7nqz57su.onion - Wall St Forum (forum for Wall St. market)
  107. ## Invite/Referral Markets ##
  108. axelr7kk25cwigts.onion - Olympus Market (MultiSig Market, supports BTC & XMR  –  Was banned because of , now listed back again since Dread seems to be gone for good and they promised to avoid similar behaviour in the future)
  109. rtexijfbywndsmyv.onion - Rapture Market (Multisig market + Direct Deal Function inside market. Only for Trusted vendors)
  111. ## Vendor Shops ##
  112. pushingf33tt3ydv.onion - Gamma Goblin (Vendor of psychedelic substances since SR1. Star rated by LSD Avengers community)
  113. abyssop7imarjxiz.onion - The French Connection (Vendor shop from Mr Nice Guy or Nucleus – Selling H, XTC , Meth etc)
  114. eeyovrlx2vyprzus.onion - CharlieUK (UK Darknet cocaine vendo – Operating on the following markets: Abraxas,Alphabay,Crypto and Dream)
  115. elherbojzidfryx3.onion - ElHerbolario (Vendor from Middle Earth – Selling Cannabis Products)
  116. artsmancpqqdjcla.onion - The Church (JOR) (The Private vendor shop of JesusOfRave – Old time vendor selling LSD & MDMA)
  117. rechardpeil4mnj6.onion - Rechardsport (RechardSport is professional wholesaler in China, specialized in sportwear. With rapid growth, we are expanding our business to luxury merchandise. We are one-stop-shop now!)
  118. x75csj7dgobo5rhj.onion - Dutch Magic (Old vendor from Silk Road 1, 2 , Agora, Evolution, Abraxas, Middle Earth & Valhalla – We welcome everyone to the largest online coffeshop in the world)
  119. qualitymenqrj5m2.onion - QualityKing (Vendor on Alphabay, Dream and previous markets – selling opioids)
  120. dutchdrustxox7f5.onion - Dutch Drugz (Old time vendor active on several markets selling Psychedelics & Others)
  122. ## Market Discussion Forums ##
  123. avengerbcx3qugki.onion - Darknet Avengers (A forum dedicated to harm reduction, discussion and testing of drugs ordered on the Dark Net Markets)
  124. onionlacdy6tbj3m.onion - OnionLand (Your first step into the world of Darknet. Come to learn and come to chat. Discussion forum about all the Darkweb markets related topics)
  127. ## Financial Services ##
  128. torbrokwszvgsqjc.onion - TORBROKER 24/7 (NO-ID Personal Chat Brokerage for Stocks and more, with Escrow service. A truly Anonymous financial trading account)
  130. ## Credit Cards ##
  131. xilliaydoihnifmw.onion - Dashtor ( : Cloned Credit Card and Paypal, New batch of stolen credit cards and Paypal accounts for sale)
  132. e7sin3urmxrzncpu.onion - Alpha Crew ( : No.1 Trusted onion site for Cloned Credit Card. $2000/$5000 balance available, Worldwide cashout! Express shipping. Escrow)
  133. ccqvltajfwq6kiuj.onion - AB CC Quality Vendor (#1 Carding Site for CCs and Paypal, since 2011 Active 24/7 all year,() !!! We Accept Full Escrow !!!! WE'RE BACK !!!)
  134. bh3ly32vcg52brrc.onion - BigDeal (The only service on the deep web that provides real products to its customers. Form Credit Cards to Western Union Transfers, you are going to love BigDeal)
  135. 5jd7g5y35sn6zprn.onion - CoinStreet (launched at the beginning of the year 2017, coinstreet is specialized in prepaid cards and western union transfers)
  136. 5wqh72okpue3sw6z.onion - Cresus (Credit cards US and EU)
  137. bjjkaebxpb3yraba.onion - CyberFreak Card (Likely scam)
  138. 26vcngdcjff6kici.onion - Barbes Shop (Barbes Shop => French ID card and Credit card)
  139. o3gaovllcxj5sdoa.onion - MakeMoney (The safest place on the darknet)
  140. pm5xuy24wep26ruf.onion - Cashland (Trusted onion with automated buying system of credits cards and PayPal)
  142. ## PayPal and Debit ##
  143. 4x2resas2q7mxrvu.onion - Cash Machine (Phished PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, BoA, Wells fargo bank Accounts, Paysafecard's, US & EU Credit cards are available here)
  144. ghostbotclnwxpzp.onion - GiftGhost (Provides brute-forced gift cards for hundreds of merchants harvested using the GiftGhostBot botnet)
  145. i2xdmoinzpbc4vfm.onion - Tor Market Forum (General forum with market section.(Paypal,financials,commercials)New Users and Vendors are welcome)
  146. o3gaovllcxj5sdoa.onion - MakeMoney (The safest place on the darknet)
  147. vendor7d4dl7yapz.onion - Vend0r's Paypal Accounts (A Paypal vendor; cashout service available)
  149. ## Financial Investments ##
  150. xo2jjps66f54sw3c.onion - DoubleBit (Bitcoin dark market investment service)
  152. ## Money Counterfeits ##
  153. xyaukzqfndqkpiui.onion - Cash is King (Clone of cashis7ka6bmrm2e.onion)
  154. usd4cx7r2hbrgwtp.onion - USD4YOU (usd4cx7otgnx6wtp) (Best Note on the market)
  156. ## Betting ##
  157. bettorzzx7y5drkr.onion - BetTor (#1 Leading marketplace for selling winning bets in deepweb)
  158. hbetshi5shyhitq3.onion/index.php - Bet FixedMatches ()
  159. fixedlwgcifbxk3s.onion/index.html - Fixed Matches (fixedl) (Fixed European Leagues Matches)
  161. ## Bitcoin Services ##
  162. coinpaykzmufavid.onion - (Payment gateway providing buy now buttons, shopping carts, and more to accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies/altcoins on your website/online store)
  163. exchanges6mj7ypa.onion - ExchangeD.I2P (Anonymous Bitcoin and Altcoin Exchange. Also available on i2p)
  164. vynkuz7b4i4bsagd.onion - Bitsafe (Web Based Hidden Bitcoin Wallet - With Buy and Sell option)
  166. ## Bitcoin Wallets ##
  167. blockchjnccsmjqs.onion - Blockchain"
  168. 2ovmq6sfaexugszu.onion - Wallixer
  169. vynkuz7b4i4bsagd.onion - Bitsafe (Web Based Hidden Bitcoin Wallet - With Buy and Sell option)
  171. ## Bitcoin Trading ##
  172. xo2jjps66f54sw3c.onion - DoubleBit (Invest in Bitcoin service that re-invests your money into dark markets and returns profits minus administrative fee)
  173. coinmixiwy4ablev.onion - Coin Mixer
  174. penguinfg7ltytmf.onion - Penguin Mixer
  175. bitmixeystwvgbor.onion - ( Laundry Service)
  176. 2ovmq6sfaexugszu.onion - Bitcoin Mixer & Wallet Wallixer (Bitcoin Mixer & Wallet Wallixer)
  177. foggeddlt4ert6ih.onion - Bitcoin Fog (ztrcar2) (Mixing Service. Many selective scam reports, use at own risk)
  178. escrowq6kkgojpgw.onion - Escrow Defense
  180. ## Bitcoin Tumblers ##
  181. bitcloak2kbmvimn.onion - BitCloak
  182. bitblende72zfklg.onion - BitBlender (Bitcoin Blender was previously hacked but managed to repay everyone's lost coins.)
  183. foggeddriwurclza.onion - BitcoinFog (There have been many, many reports of Bitcoin Fog selectively scamming, and one or more moderators of /r/DarkNetMarkets have also personally lost coins to this service.)
  184. coinmixiwy4ablev.onion - CoinMixer  (
  185. penguinfg7ltytmf.onion - PenguinMixer
  187. ## Email Services ##
  188. cockmailxrftrtqs.onion - COCK.LI  (Requires Javascript, complies with subpoenas (link #1, link #2), servers seized several times in the past, owner has his real name attached to the email service, has 26 different alt domains)
  189. tt3j2x45ulyaarzc.onion - DANWIN1210.ME  (Small, low-key private server, xmpp, Javascript not required, provides onion file share service filesto3li2c5fda.onion)
  190. eludemat2lh5fk5u.onion - ELUDE.IN (Forgot to sign their canary for several days and had extended down-time at the same time but then came back with a signed message, Elude announcement post)
  191. grrmails3fzpjwjs.onion - GUERRILLAMAIL.COM  (Receiving email addresses only, no sending, good for setting up other accounts, email address is good for 60 minutes only, Javascript required for some features)
  192. mail2toljzc6dmtd.onion - MAIL2TOR  (Was read only until 01/09/2017, all servers up as of May 2017, previously victim of ransom, massive DDoS, front end server was seized by Swedish police)
  193. secmailodryl7piv.onion - SECMAIL.PRO  (No SSL, does not require Javascript)
  194. torbox3jzor6dchs.onion - TORBOX  (Tor relay only, only works with these email providers)
  195. fuacanti7jevhjp6.onion - ANONYMAIL.TECH (Only paid accounts, requires Javascript)
  196. wi7qkxygnpuccm74.onion - AUTISTICI.ORG  (Admin account got hacked, Need to apply and wait for account approval, roundcube-javascript required, dislikes concept of BTC)
  197. bitmaildnnfvikec.onion - BITMESSAGE.CH  (Bitmessage support built-in, forces clearnet HTTPS with Google scripts at signup and requires a non-disposable email adddress to email your password to you. Solid service. Onion site was under DoS attack)
  198. kqiafglqtw42kyrp.onion - MAILBOX.ORG  (Pay accounts only, $13/yr, accepts BTC, requires Javascript, in business since 1992, feature rich, privacy focused, runs a dedicated Tor exit node in own data center)
  199. protonirl47wrxod.onion - PROTONMAIL.CH  (JavaScript required, you have to choose one of the following methods to confirm your account: email to an existing email address, SMS to your phone number or donating with credit card, free VPN ProtonVPN)
  200. j6uhdvb737goefja.onion - RISEUP.NET  (Member referral only, Complied with two FBI warrants but took countermeasures after that , Javascript required, also provide onion vpn server, onion xmpp server)
  201. scryptmaezduid76.onion - SCRYPTMAIL.COM  (JavaScript required)
  202. h2qkxasmgrkmyy6v.onion - SYSTEMLI.ORG  (JavaScript required, current member referral only, part of the Riseup/Austistici tech collective)
  204. ## Image Hosting ##
  205. ln6vyadp4mqidn6t.onion - EASY IMAGE UPLOAD
  206. freedomqsetys2tn.onion - FREEDOM
  207. matrixteriix5dkz.onion/neo/uploader.php - MATRIX (30 days storage time only)
  208. sinbad66366frrvq.onion - SINBAD