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  1. Backstory: After a unfortunate game, TheWarlock lashes out at fabbbyyy for his performance claiming that fabbbyyy wasn't taking the game seriously and "trolling" resulting his team losing. Meteos states that fabbbyyy is simply having a bad game and that at the very least he wasn't blaming anyone as opposed to TheWarlock whom Meteos states as "annoying" for calling out fabbbyyy on his misplays. TheWarlock defends himself by thoroughly analyzing fabbbyyy's misplays, one of which is "flashing into tower dry, and dying". Meteos then tries to explain to TheWarlock that bashing out on his teammates during a game will only lead to putting his teammates on tilt and therefore it is pointless to do so.TheWarlock rebuttals by saying that calling each other out on their mistakes is worthwhile as it allows people to improve off of criticism, however he does understand Meteos's point of view. TheWarlock then begins to lash out on the competitive NA scene as a whole and states that the root of its problems is NA high elo players or mainly "Challenger" level players not taking Solo Q seriously enough, as he soon begins to make a comparison between NA solo Q and KR solo Q. Soon after, TheWarlock begins to discuss with Meteos why he feels that NA Challenger level players should take solo Q more seriously...
  3. TheWarlock: with what i do
  4. TheWarlock: thats good enough for me
  5. C10 Meteos: clearly you dont live a fulfilling life if you're sitting here raging at someone playing badly
  6. TheWarlock: i only do that in solo q
  7. TheWarlock: maybe i should stop playing league
  8. TheWarlock: then
  9. C10 Meteos: yeah you probably should
  10. TheWarlock: but i really like competing
  11. TheWarlock: and league is the most developped skill i have
  12. TheWarlock: so i will not quit it anytime soon
  13. C10 Meteos: competing is fine
  14. C10 Meteos: i like competing too
  15. C10 Meteos: but you can do it without being an asshole
  16. TheWarlock: ookay
  17. TheWarlock: but im sure if u like competing
  18. TheWarlock: then u understand
  19. TheWarlock: why im upset?
  20. TheWarlock: if u played in play offs
  21. TheWarlock: and balls didnt talk
  22. TheWarlock: he first picks
  23. TheWarlock: like
  24. TheWarlock: nautilus top
  25. TheWarlock: and then buys IE first
  26. TheWarlock: and spams laugh
  27. TheWarlock: doesnt say anything
  28. TheWarlock: and u lose to complexity
  29. TheWarlock: 0-3
  30. TheWarlock: because of it
  31. TheWarlock: how would u feel?
  32. TheWarlock: why doesnt that level of attachment to a singular game
  33. C10 Meteos: i'd feel confused at how we are playing complexity in playoffs
  34. TheWarlock: translate to solo queue
  35. TheWarlock: just a random example man
  36. TheWarlock: who cares about col
  37. TheWarlock: but what im saying
  38. C10 Meteos: it's not even close to a related example
  39. TheWarlock: is that everone should be attached
  40. TheWarlock: to solo q games
  41. TheWarlock: the way they are attached
  42. TheWarlock: to real games
  43. TheWarlock: that decide their lives
  44. TheWarlock: or at least
  45. TheWarlock: some sense
  46. TheWarlock: of that
  47. C10 Meteos: thats just wrong
  48. TheWarlock: sure u can play a champ u might not be as comfortable playing in play offs cuz u only have 10 games on them
  49. TheWarlock: but u shouldnt first pick ryze jungle
  50. TheWarlock: and then say YOLO
  51. TheWarlock: and just whatever
  52. TheWarlock: why is it wrong?
  53. C10 Meteos: you're relating solo queue to playoffs?
  54. TheWarlock: no
  55. C10 Meteos: playoffs is something we've worked months for
  56. C10 Meteos: we play together
  57. TheWarlock: i am relating being attached to the result
  58. TheWarlock: yes
  59. TheWarlock: so do every challenger
  60. TheWarlock: they have played for years
  61. TheWarlock: why is no one attached
  62. TheWarlock: to the result of the game?
  63. TheWarlock: whyy doesnt the games matter?
  64. C10 Meteos: we get paid to play as a team and we all h ave the same goals which is why we get a long
  65. TheWarlock: its just win 1 lose 1
  66. TheWarlock: no one cares
  67. TheWarlock: lelelelele
  68. TheWarlock: attitude
  69. TheWarlock: yes
  70. TheWarlock: shouldnt everyone in solo
  71. TheWarlock: q
  72. TheWarlock: have the same goal
  73. TheWarlock: of being good at this game
  74. TheWarlock: ?
  75. TheWarlock: if u dont care about being good
  76. TheWarlock: why are u even playing in this elo
  77. TheWarlock: go back to gold and just be a casual
  78. TheWarlock: thats how kr solo q is
  79. C10 Meteos: not everyone in gold is a casual
  80. TheWarlock: everyone in top 500
  81. C10 Meteos: they're just less experienced
  82. TheWarlock: no
  83. TheWarlock: some of them are more experienced
  84. TheWarlock: theres other reasons theyre gold but
  85. TheWarlock: what im saying is if u dont care about performing well
  86. TheWarlock: and thats not ur goal
  87. TheWarlock: and u dont wanna be the best
  88. TheWarlock: why are u even in here
  89. TheWarlock: this elo should only be for pros
  90. TheWarlock: and wannabe pros
  91. TheWarlock: and amateurs
  92. TheWarlock: this is what it littearly translates  to
  93. TheWarlock: its even called CHALLENGER
  94. TheWarlock: for a fucking reason
  95. TheWarlock: but everyone treats it
  96. TheWarlock: like its called
  97. TheWarlock: mental challenge ur own team
  98. C10 Meteos: you're too hot headed to ever make it anywhere as a pro
  99. TheWarlock: yes
  100. TheWarlock: which is why i am a coach
  101. TheWarlock: and not a pro
  102. C10 Meteos: who do you coach
  103. TheWarlock: an amateur team
  104. TheWarlock: that u havent heard of yet cuz its 1 week old
  105. TheWarlock: but u will soon
  106. TheWarlock: cuz we're stomping CA and XDG in scrims 4 days in
  107. C10 Meteos: scrim results dont mean anything
  108. TheWarlock: well it means we're not random trolls
  109. TheWarlock: or maybe not
  110. TheWarlock: but u will soon
  111. TheWarlock: i promise u
  112. TheWarlock: we have 2 korean challengers
  113. TheWarlock: that are top 50
  114. TheWarlock: in korea ladder
  115. TheWarlock: right now
  116. TheWarlock: mechanically speaking theyre better than anyone whos ever competed in na
  117. TheWarlock: i am not a pro because im not good enough
  118. TheWarlock: to be the best
  119. TheWarlock: and i wont enjoy playing at mid tier lcs level
  120. TheWarlock: but as a coach im very smart about this game and how to win
  121. TheWarlock: strategically and otherwise
  122. TheWarlock: so i can reach mid international level
  123. TheWarlock: from na
  124. TheWarlock: similar to what alliance is today
  125. TheWarlock: star players who have experience and the same goal
  126. TheWarlock: liek you
  127. TheWarlock: my dream is to reach that level
  128. TheWarlock: and i work for it every day
  129. TheWarlock: and i sacrifice things to reach it
  130. C10 Meteos: try sacrificing your ego
  131. TheWarlock: tell me how
  132. C10 Meteos: if you dont think you have an ego but you have the wrong definition
  133. TheWarlock: and i will do it
  134. TheWarlock: ok
  135. TheWarlock: help me see it
  136. TheWarlock: please
  137. TheWarlock: i am genuine
  138. TheWarlock: in my pleade
  139. TheWarlock: plead*
  140. TheWarlock: i respect ur opinion as a succesful pro gamer
  141. TheWarlock: and ur take is better than mine
  142. TheWarlock: bceause u know what its like to be the best
  143. TheWarlock: at least on this level
  144. TheWarlock: so i listen to u
  145. TheWarlock: whole heartedly
  146. C10 Meteos: just stop caring about what other people are doing is probably a good first step
  147. C10 Meteos: look at it this way
  148. C10 Meteos: if fabby is trolling
  149. C10 Meteos: getting mad at him will literally do nothing
  150. C10 Meteos: but if i can ignore bottom lane and snowball somewhere else then the game can still be won
  151. C10 Meteos: if someone messes up why do you call them out for it
  152. C10 Meteos: its not going to help them and they probably already feel bad if they truly messed up anyway
  153. TheWarlock: i dont think imaqtpie feels bad when he first picks jungle ryzr and goes 0/8/1
  154. TheWarlock: but i can see what ure saying
  155. TheWarlock: ok man
  156. TheWarlock: i will abandon
  157. TheWarlock: my attachment to my team mates performance in solo q
  158. TheWarlock: is that what u are saying?
  159. C10 Meteos: yeah
  160. TheWarlock: or am i missing something
  161. TheWarlock: ok
  162. C10 Meteos: youll just stress yourself out
  163. TheWarlock: thats all?
  164. C10 Meteos: lol
  165. TheWarlock: i already do
  166. TheWarlock: indeed
  167. TheWarlock: i lost maybe
  168. TheWarlock: 5 years off my lifespan
  169. TheWarlock: beacuse of this na oslo q
  170. TheWarlock: i wish my ping to kr wasnt 200
  171. TheWarlock: or i would only play here
  172. TheWarlock: there
  173. C10 Meteos: yeah solo queue can be stressful
  174. C10 Meteos: and frustrating
  175. C10 Meteos: happens to everyone
  176. TheWarlock: ok
  177. C10 Meteos: but when you take it out on your teammates
  178. C10 Meteos: doesnt help anyone
  179. TheWarlock: here is something i will point out to u
  180. C10 Meteos: u feel me
  181. TheWarlock: that u might not have noticed
  182. TheWarlock: yes i do
  183. TheWarlock: i can see what u are saying
  184. TheWarlock: and why that would be better for me
  185. TheWarlock: and the game in general
  186. TheWarlock: if i were to do that
  187. TheWarlock: but notice this
  188. TheWarlock: every pro that has ever taken solo q REALLY seriously
  189. TheWarlock: has become so much better
  190. TheWarlock: think doublelift in s2, he had like 4 accounts in top 10, became internationally yrecognized
  191. TheWarlock: you guys were all top 50
  192. TheWarlock: when u were playing qualifiers
  193. TheWarlock: and u stomped
  194. TheWarlock: shihptur got rank 1
  195. TheWarlock: and suddenly became so good
  196. TheWarlock: wildturtle had the same run
  197. TheWarlock: but then everyone forgets that
  198. TheWarlock: and just ignores soloq
  199. TheWarlock: right after
  200. C10 Meteos: you're almost right with that statement
  201. C10 Meteos: you're missing part though
  202. TheWarlock: which is?
  203. C10 Meteos: when those players get high rated, it's not becuase they cared about winning
  204. C10 Meteos: none of those players rage at their temamates
  205. C10 Meteos: or get upset when they lose
  206. TheWarlock: they did care about winning and playing good
  207. TheWarlock: and sure they didnt do those things
  208. C10 Meteos: they got rank 1 because they were focused on improvement
  209. TheWarlock: im not saying theyre doing what im doing
  210. C10 Meteos: and they put a lot of time into practicing
  211. TheWarlock: im saying theyre doing their best to win
  212. TheWarlock: yes exactly
  213. TheWarlock: so why do most na pros
  214. TheWarlock: ignore their example
  215. TheWarlock: and not do the same
  216. C10 Meteos: thats not a fair statement, the majority of pros try in every game
  217. TheWarlock: not the same as those examples
  218. C10 Meteos: you're using one example of imaqtpie?
  219. TheWarlock: no
  220. TheWarlock: some others too
  221. C10 Meteos: look at bjergsen or doublelift right now
  222. TheWarlock: voyboy
  223. TheWarlock: etc
  224. C10 Meteos: they try very hard to win in solo queue
  225. C10 Meteos: and they get pissed
  226. TheWarlock: yes
  227. C10 Meteos: when their teammates are bad
  228. C10 Meteos: adnt hey tilt
  229. C10 Meteos: and they've gotten worse
  230. C10 Meteos: because of it
  231. TheWarlock: i dont think they got worse because of it
  232. C10 Meteos: they definitely have
  233. TheWarlock: but maybe it contributed
  234. C10 Meteos: it's happened to me as well
  235. C10 Meteos: whenever i care too much i get bad
  236. TheWarlock: so u are saying
  237. C10 Meteos: cause i start playing full dps vi just to try to win
  238. TheWarlock: be focused on improving
  239. C10 Meteos: and i dont buy wards
  240. TheWarlock: and try ur best
  241. TheWarlock: but dont care about the team?
  242. C10 Meteos: yes
  243. TheWarlock: that seems so hard to me
  244. TheWarlock: to adapt that mindset
  245. TheWarlock: to mine
  246. TheWarlock: but i will try
  247. C10 Meteos: just keep thinking "what can i do to win the game from here"
  248. C10 Meteos: and blaming your teammates is never the answer
  249. C10 Meteos: or hindsighting
  250. TheWarlock: ok
  251. TheWarlock: thank u for ur time and wisdom and sharing this with me, it will actually have a difference
  252. TheWarlock: on me
  253. C10 Meteos: thats cool to hear
  254. C10 Meteos: its hard
  255. TSQ Dusty: i learned a lot as well
  256. TheWarlock: i hope i also brought up a few ppoints
  257. TheWarlock: that change how u think or make u see new things
  258. TheWarlock: too
  259. C10 Meteos: i understand your perspective
  260. C10 Meteos: i just think your approach could be improved
  262. After a short pause by TheWarlock, Meteos realizes that he has finally succeeded in changing TheWarlocks attitude and hopes that by doing so he can little by little bring toxicity to an end in the league of legends community. Meteos smirks as he exists the chat room to queue up for another solo q game knowing that his efforts were worthwhile.